Marketing, Search Engine Optimization And Web Based Solutions.


Due Dilligence...

We believe in due diligence. It is included in all aspects of our corporation, whether we are analizing your web based solutions, bringing products to the retail market, partnering with other companies or helping you make decisions on your wealth retention through investment in real estate.  Our due diligence will keep our corporate structure strong and our future growing as solid as the Oak. 


In order to remain viable, a company must have the flexibility to adjust, the ability to diversify, the fortitude to stay on the path and the vision to make it all happen.  Our Turn Holdings is a dynamic, nimble company continually adjusting to the needs of our clients and the economy.  We are quick on our feet and welcome the implimentation of the newest trends in business and technology.  Always reinventing ourselves, our company and our services, we cherish and nurture new and creative business progressive ideas until they hatch and are ready for implimentation.

About Us

Our Turn Holdings, LLC Is a limited liability company with solid, strong and continuously growing roots. Our Turn Holdings is the vision of Michael Pollaci and was created in July, 2008.  We are registered with the state of Virginia where we operate as an S Corp. We consider remaining a credible and attractive corporation to the creditors and financial institutions we deal with paramount to our success and we work hard to ensure that our corporation can withstand any economic climate.