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What we do...
At Our Turn Holdings we invest in many different markets throughout the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our primary investment tool is investment in county tax liens and deeds.  We analyze each market before deciding whether it meets our criterion for the further analysis of individual investment in that market. We have a growing list of established professional and county government contacts from markets across the U.S. We reach out to our contacts, using their expertise to gauge the local economic climate as well as the viability of individual investments within that market. Then, we comprehensively sift through all the available data we can gather before moving ahead with our investments.

County tax liens are a secure investment and are the backbone of our investments. They bring returns on investment of anywhere between 8% and 25%. The returns gained from investing in tax liens are dependent on the county where it is invested and its laws. Their security lies in the fact that they are a matter of county law, laws that facilitate a beneficial partnership between the county governments and investors. When tax liens mature they are easily rolled over and invested in new tax liens, consistently bringing substantial returns on investment.

County tax deeds as well are a solid investment and are also county law. County statute facilitates the vehicle for investment, again forming a mutually beneficial partnership between county government and private investors. These types of investments are more dependent on local markets and their economic climates. While any investment carries with it some risk, the profits can be staggering, multiplying initial principals 10 to 20 times their original value.

How and why it works.

County governments depend on real estate taxes to meet the many demands on their budgets. They are earmarked for services such as schools, police and fire departments. When those taxes are unpaid, communities can face serious consequences.

It is important to understand the process. The county assesses property taxes each year according to value, also known as “ad valorem”. Every year property owners are given a specific amount of time to pay their property taxes. If an owner does not pay his or her taxes within the given amount of time, the county will sell the lien on the property at a public auction. In order to make this investment attractive to private investors, counties give the tax lien first position status superior to any other lien held against that property. In other words, the tax lien is the first lien that must be paid before the property owner can transfer the property in anyway including sale or additional mortgage. Once the lien has been sold at auction, the owner is given a period of time, called a redemption period, to pay off the taxes, penalties and interest (redemption periods differ from county to county). If they do not pay it off within the redemption period, the investor holding the first position lien can foreclose on the property. This means your investment is safe. When the owner pays their taxes the county will pay back your initial investment plus interest.

Tax deeds are simply matured tax liens. The county has held their tax liens until the redemption period has expired and performs it’s own foreclosure on the property. Winning bidders are awarded deeds to these properties generally free and clear of all liens or encumbrances. The starting bid at most auctions include 3 to 5 years of unpaid tax, penalties and interest accrued. The key is flexibility. We purchase properties at 10% - 12% of their value then sell them below fair market value moving properties quickly no matter the economic climate with high profit potential.